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Our Culinary Style

Our philosophy of limiting choice to the best and the essential is as true of our menus as it is of our Wine & Spirits Lists.
Inspired by the culinary traditions of Rome and our family’s hometown of Amatrice we aim to reintroduce and reinterpret the genuine flavours of the past through the use of the finest ingredients, many of them sourced from small craft producers in and around Amatrice.

Among our chef’s must-try pasta dishes we find “Gnocchi Ricci di Amatrice al Ragu di Castrato”, Carbonara, Amatriciana, Gricia and Cacio e Pepe followed by main courses of beef cheek braised in Madreselva wine with basil oil flavoured potato purée.

Our Gastronomy Kiosk boasts Razza Nera hams from Accumoli and Itri, salami, again from Itri, and Sommati’s aged Pecorino cheese.