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The Cocktail Bar

Valerio Rizzo is the king of the Cocktail Bar!
The signature cocktails and exceptional Italian mixed drinks served there are his creations.
The drinks list features two distinct categories: the first focuses on the great all time classics, popular the world over. At Collegio a classic Negroni or Americano will be prepared with the authentic ingredients that express the true soul of the drink and fulfil the customer’s expectation of a genuine flavour experience.

The second part of the Cocktail List is devoted to imaginative new creations and traditional recipes with a twist. Try our “Niegos,” a blend of Amaro Montenegro, honey, orange, lemon and the very, very best Italian sparkling wine, or, inspired by South America’s local traditions, “Passion Daiquiri”, an explosive mix of spontaneously fermented clairin and fine light rum enhanced with passion fruit, lime and sugar.

Last but not least Valerio pays tribute to Scotland with his “Scotch Sour”, a friendly alliance of a sweet Bourbon and a peaty Scotch whisky mixed with egg white, lemon and sugar. A refreshing drink to be enjoyed at any time of day.

Collegio also champions a return to the practice of drinking quality spirits ‘straight’. We have 25 high-quality spirits from around the world for you to choose from.